Thursday, 28 July 2011

Wise Words From Lloyd Irvin

Most instructors have no idea what approaches other sports use.  It’s not easy to get access to any professional sports approaches.  If an instructor played in the pro’s and knew how to convert it over for BJJ but most don’t. 

Rolling in the club is often viewed as winning/losing, who tapped who, etc.  In wrestling practice, nobody cares about who “wins”.  In baseball practice, there’s no such thing as beating your own team.  BJJ has an interesting paradox of being team oriented, but also competing against your own team members in training. 

This has to be changed within the internal culture of the school, it is 100% based on what the instructor allows and doesn’t allow.  I’ve been called a dictator of sorts, but I believe it is 100% my responsibility to dictate what mindset I want my team to have, the attitudes, behaviors etc.  Whatever mindset you allow on your mats will become the culture of your mats.  I have a saying, “if everyone on our team did what you did, what type of team would we have?”  This is a question that I have made a standard at my school. The answer can only be a good team or a bad team. 

So if a student gets tapped in practice and throws a fit, it would never be allowed on my mats.  If I was to ask that student my question, “If everyone on our team threw a fit when they got tapped on our floor what type of team would we have?” The answer would be a bad team.

Many instructors allow things to happen on their floor that the answer would be ‘a bad team’ and since they allow others do it and it becomes an accepted behavior within that team then it results in a serious problem.

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