Tuesday, 11 December 2007


Had tickets to go see The Damned in Manchester and was too ill to go. The Damned were always my favourite band and have not seen them live for quite a while so I'm quite rightly gutted.

To make up for it check out Song.Com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1tj-NKSPoY

Combat Base North East

Just returned from Combat Base North East where we conducted a little workshop on taking the back. It's always a pleasure to travel up there. Whilst there a few promotions were awarded.
Steve Muckle, CBNE head coach was awarded his brown belt. Steve's commitment to BJJ over the years has been total, even travelling a 270 mile round trip every week for years just to train with us. Plus his side control is legendary.

Promoted to purple belt were Graeme Allsopp, Ed Drysdale and our own Ben Mallows.

Further congrats go to Chris Campbell for his excellent victory at Fightzone the night before, capturing a nice big belt for his trouble.

Anyone in or around the North East should go train with these guys.