Saturday, 9 August 2008

Timetable for the rest of 2008

We are accepting new students again so anyone interested in starting Jiu Jitsu at our gym, now is the perfect time.

Currently we have 4 classes per week for adults.

Sunday starting at 11:00am Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with gi
Monday starting at 7:00pm Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with gi
Tuesday starting at 7:00pm Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with gi
Thursday starting at 7:00pm Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with no gi.

There is a fee of £15 for membership and insurance once you start training at our gym.

We also offer:
  • private lessons for individuals, pairs or small groups up to 4 people
  • performance evaluations where you train with one of the coaches and they will advise which areas need to be addressed and help you devise and implement a game plan.
  • seminars
With the private lessons and seminars, you choose the content of the lesson, be it gi Jiu Jitsu, no gi or MMA, your choice.

Other info is available on our web site

If you wanted to come and watch a session first, please let me know proir to turning up.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008


After years of diligent training every morning, I finally got the power in my round kick that I have trained so hard for. The results are obvious for all to see.