Friday, 11 July 2008

Back To The Factory 6th July 2008

Courtesy of Adam Adshead

Yesterday saw Factory BJJ welcome back Darren and Helen Currie to do their, now, semi-regular seminar for us.

Working on the Half Guard material he covered last time, Darren went onto develop that further by giving us the opposing side - working some clever grip play in the process.

With a lot of people at the gym now working Half Guard consistantly, it was great to get some ideas on how to pass it and also for the guys on the bottom to stop the said passing.

As well as that we looked at some nifty no gi sweeps and what to do if someone stands up out of your half guard. (Something we really needed, as it kept occuring)

As ever, the coaching was brilliant, super technical and functional! Darren and Helen showed us many little gems for us to go away with and play around with and we can’t get back on the mats quick enough! (Including some much needed warm up drills - sorry guys they are going to be a regular addition)

Unfortunately they had to head back after the seminar but we all had a good feed on their behalf. Plus, now when they come back we have to buy them two dinners!

It’s a great pleasure for a fledgling club like ourselves to have such high level coaching on display on our mats. We look forward to the next one in the near future, as well as a few of us heading over to Darren’s place for privates on a regular basis too.

Thanks again guys from Adam Adshead and everyone at Factory BJJ