Friday, 23 December 2011

Pontefract gym Xmas schedule

24th December - closed
25th December - closed
26th December - closed
27th December - open
28th December - open
29th December - open
30th December - closed
31st December - closed
1st January - closed
2nd January - closed
3rd January - closed
4th January - open

Back to normal after that

Monday, 5 December 2011

It's not who's best it's who's left


"out of 10 white belts who start BJJ  it is said that 1 will make it to blue belt

From 10 blue belts maybe 1-2 will get to purple...and so on

The factors that allow for someone to eventually reach blackbelt are not necessarily physical assets or talent.

If we can say that it is primarily mental/psychological factors that allow/result in 1 white belt eventually  reaching black belt

It could be just that the black belt  just has far more passion for BJJ than the others who didn't continue.

We might also conclude that the black belt has a far greater degree of resilience (rebounding from slumps, injuries and training interruptions); perseverance; lack of ego etc."

What keeps you training?
What do you enjoy most?
Would not getting promoted lead you to quit?
What might cause you to quit eventually?