Monday, 23 April 2012

Black Belt Superfight @ Manchester Open

The first ever black belt match took place at the Manchester Open BJJ Championships on 21st April 2012. Was a great show of technical Jiu Jitsu featuring Ryan Hunter from Combat Base and Scott Pickering from Team Sukata. Enjoy.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Paper Cutter Series

This not meant as an instructional, just a reminder for the guys that have trained this recently in class. It's all about angle and pressure.

Another good paper cutter entry is covered on CBNE blog here.

Choke Details
Grip first; hold their right lapel with your left hand and 'jab' it off their shoulder. Right hand 'upper cuts' under their right arm pit and grabs the collar, effectively giving you the paper cutter grip.

Go to drop seionage (as Helen demonstrates) or osoto gari (as Pete demonstrates) keeping the grip.

Notice that straightaway the shoulder must pressure the ribs/chest and the top of the head must put pressure on their neck and jaw to turn their head away from you. This is crucial to make the choke work, you don't want them looking at you.

Stuff the arm through and trap it with your knee before circling the arm over to choke.

Arm Bar Details
From paper cutter grip, keep your hands in that position and start to step up. The left arm with give a little neck crank when straightened so use that to minimise their movement.

Keep your left hand gripping their collar.

As you sit back, keep the driving pressure of your shin into their neck and stretch everything out so there is minimal chance of escape.

In Helen's version she lets go of the collar at the last minute and throws the right leg over for extra control.

JJM Shin Choke Details
First saw this performed by Jean Jacques Machado and was impressed by his thinking of using other body parts to finalise his choke because of his "disadvantaged" hand.

A version of this was recently revived by Roberto 'Cyborg' Abreu to great effect.

Bring the shin up to pressure their neck while keeping the paper cutter grip.

Following the line of their jaw reach across their throat and grip the opposite side lapel. Pull lapel across and you drive shin into their neck.

The angle of the shin is crucial, it needs to be driven on an angle not straight. For competition you don't want knee on the face so angle your knee to face their left hip/ribs.

Go practice.