Thursday, 17 May 2018

Team Training Day 15th July 2018

This year's team training day will be held at the amazing Aspire Combat Sports Academy in Liverpool. 

A beautiful state of the art gym offering a full range of combat sports and much more, one of the best looking gyms I have ever been to.

As usual there will be specific workshops, drilling time, rolling time and a few surprises.

Entry is donation based, £10 or more with all proceeds going to the Action For Children charity. Every single penny raised goes to the charity, the instructors are all donating their valuable time free of charge to this 
very worthwhile cause.

The proposed schedule is:

12:00 - warm yourselves up ready to start at 12:15

12:15 - workshop 1

1:00 - drill / roll / rest / talk about people that are not there.

1:15 - workshop 2

2:00 - drill more / roll / rest / talk about people that are still not there!

2:15 - presentations and photos

2:30 - workshop 3 

3:15 - drill more / roll / rest / talk about people that are still not there, questioning whether they are dedicated to the cause or not!!

4:00 - finish

The first workshop will be taught by BJJ brown belt Matt Olson and will cover his patented 'stack a sequence' training model in which he will teach a sequence of techniques and strategies that gets the takedown, has a couple of variations to pass the guard and finish with a submission.

The second workshop will be delivered by BJJ and Judo black belt Marc Morrell and will be covering Kimura attacks from closed guard and counter options when they defend the initial attack. The Kimura is such a great weapon that is sometimes overlooked in favour of more fashionable techniques.

I usually leave the teaching to everyone else but since my recent injury I am unable to train or roll so I am going to teach this time just to keep me involved.

So for the final workshop, I am going to be covering leg lock control focusing on immobilising the non-locked leg to prevent escape, a concept I have been pushing for years but is still largely overlooked. This can be done gi or no gi but is not on the whole IBJJF competition legal which I don't really give a shit about, I don't just teach to one very limiting rule set, I want everyone to be well rounded so expect to be reaped, don't worry no one is going to die.

Don't fear the reaper.

The team training days usually have a good turn out so let's make every effort to get there and support it, you don't have to stay all day, even if you are just dropping in for an hour or so, come through and join in the fun.

Let's get some quality training in and raise some money for a good cause.

Hope to see you all there.