Thursday, 18 December 2008


Just a quick note to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and to thank everyone for their friendship and support over the last 12 months.

Long may it continue.

No New Students In January

Please note that we won't be taking any new students in the month of January, if you are not registered with us already you won't be able to train for that month.

Please do NOT just turn up at the gym as you will NOT be able to train.

If you want to email and leave me your contact details then I will inform you when we are accepting new students again.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

Christmas Hoildays

The training schedule below taking into account Christmas holidays:

Thursday 18th December 08 Training as usual
Saturday 20th December 08 Last training session for juniors before Xmas
Sunday 21st December 08 NO TRAINING
Monday 22nd December 08 Training as usual
Tuesday 23rd December 08 Last training session for adults before Xmas
Thursday 25th December 08 NO TRAINING
Saturday 27th December 08 NO TRAINING
Sunday 28th December 08 NO TRAINING
Monday 29th December 08 NO TRAINING
Tuesday 30th December 08 NO TRAINING
Thursday 1st January 2009 NO TRAINING
Saturday 3rd January 2009 NO TRAINING
Sunday 4th January 2009 NO TRAINING
Monday 5th January 2009 Training re-starts
Tuesday 6th January 2009 Training at Caged Steel
Thursday 8th January 2009 Training re-starts
Saturday 10th January 2009 Training re-starts for juniors
Sunday 11th January 2009 Training re-starts

To get back into the swing of things, the entire month of January will be ‘open mat’ only, no structured classes except Rob’s on a Sunday.

This is your opportunity to grab someone, pick their brains and work on what YOU want to work on. You may have a specific topic you want to try, maybe you just want to spar, maybe you want to get the gloves on and see how your game works under pressure, it doesn’t matter as everyone can work what they like.

We do this occasionally and it usually works really well, it really helps to promote the TEAM aspect of the gym, everyone helps everyone else.

New Blue Belt

Congrats to Inka Doyle on being promoted to blue belt. In spite of being young she already has an outstanding competition record which includes being:
World Martial Art Games Gi Regensburg Germany July girls 55kg world champion
Gracie Seni UK BJJ London April girls 60kg Champion
EFMA European Junior BJJ Paris France girls 55kg Champion

Check full record here.

The Champions III

Congrats to Andy Krlic on his 2nd round submission in his MMA debut at the Champions III.

Taken from the report and background to fight which will follow shortly:

"After a few last words of encouragement and reminding Andy of plan A, he meets Paul in the middle of the ring and it’s on. A tentative start as both guys throw out some jabs then the inevitable clinch happens, Andy fighting to stay close and Paul trying to make some distance to strike with both guys having some success in a back and forth battle.

The round was getting into the later stages when Paul, using his height advantage, reached around Andy’s neck to take a guillotine as they went to ground. Andy pulled his head free, passed guard and took mount. From there he rained down some shots, keeping his position despite my best efforts screaming at Andy to take an arm as there was only 20 seconds left to go but he didn’t hear me over the crowd which was deafening. End of round 1.

Close round, depending on the judge, it could go either way. We need to stamp some authority on round 2.

Round 2 starts off as round 1 did, Paul throws some shots, a nice leg kick then goes straight to clinch again. Both guys now start to turn on the pressure, Paul, again with the height advantage, reached around for the guillotine as they went to ground. For the second time, Andy pulled his head free, passed guard and took mount. This time he was close enough to hear me shouting for the Americana which he took, getting the submission win half way through the second round".