Sunday, 26 October 2008

Haueter Seminar Tour 11/2008

Chris Haueter seminar schedule is now confirmed as below:

Saturday 1st November – private lessons only
Sunday 2nd – Combat Base Doncaster starting at 1pm – no gi
Monday 3rd - Combat Base Pontefract starting at 7pm – gi
Tuesday 4th – Caged Steel starting at 7:30pm – no gi
Wednesday - 5th Combat Base Bolton starting at 7pm – gi
Thursday 6th - Combat Base Pontefract starting at 7pm – no gi
Friday 7th – Factory BJJ, Stockport – FULL
Saturday 8th - Combat Base Northumberland starting at 1pm – gi
Sunday 9th – to be confirmed

Please inform me if you intend attending the a seminar(s) as most seminars will have limited places.

Contact me on for further information.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Results From The Inter Club

Full report to follow.

GI Results

Feather (Pena) >70kg
1st Leroy Holcroft Combat Base Bolton
2nd Lewis McEnaney Combat Base North East

Light (Leve) >76kg
1st David Vincent Combat Base North East
2nd Ronan Roche Factory BJJ
3rd Wajad Sadiq Caged Steel

Middle (Medio) >82kg
1st Jase Farrar Combat Base
2nd James Canavan Combat Base Bolton
3rd Paul Keegans Combat Base

Medium Heavy (Meio Pesado) >88kg
1st Mark Richards Combat Base
2nd Billy Glossop Caged Steel
3rd Francois Van Staden Combat Base

Heavy (Pesado) >94kg
1st Tomasz Winconek Combat Base
2nd James Parker Combat Base Donny AKA The Asylum
3rd Rogan Tonks Combat Base

Super Feather (Pluma) >64kg
1st Ian "Doug" Mochen Factory BJJ
2nd Neil Gilpin Caged Steel

Feather (Pena) >70kg
1st Jay Furness Caged Steel
2nd John Sherwood Factory
3rd Leroy Holcroft Combat Base Bolton

Light (Leve) >76kg
1st James Nardone Factory BJJ
2nd Andy Krlic Combat Base

1st Spenna Fulinkazan
2nd Danny Mitchell Combat Base Donny AKA The Asylum

NO GI Results

Super Feather >64kg
1st Neil Gilpin Caged Steel
2nd David Keating Fulinkazan

Feather >70kg
1st Rob Lawlor Combat Base
2nd Max Ramsden Caged Steel
3rd Jay Furness Caged Steel

Light >76kg
1st Wajad Sadiq Caged Steel
2nd Andy Krlic Combat Base
3rd= Nathan Martin Combat Base Donny AKA The Asylum
3rd= Matt Barker Combat Base Donny AKA The Asylum

Team mates don’t compete against each other so shared 3rd place.

Middle >82kg
1st Shane Cartwright Combat Base
2nd Lee Dennis Combat Base Donny AKA The Asylum
3rd Paul Keegans Combat Base

Medium Heavy >88kg
1st Tomasz Winconek Combat Base
2nd Billy Glossop Caged Steel
3rd Francois Van Staden Combat Base

Heavyweight 90kg+
1st James Parker Combat Base Donny AKA The Asylum
2nd Gaz Vause Combat Base
3rd Rogan Tonks Combat Base

The final award (not made on the day because we ran out of time and needs some serious math) is the Team Champions.

Basically each competitor is awarded 2 points for a win and 1 point for a loss so the team points total can be worked out. Then the amount of matches each competitor had is calculated and put into a team total. The total points is then divided by the total matches to give a competitor average.

Team Champions
1st Combat Base
2nd Caged Steel
3rd Factory BJJ

Photos From The Inter Club

Ben's Photo Album

Keeping The Top Position

From Stephan Kesting

For the past few months I've been working on a new book, "A Roadmap for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu". Today's tip is an excerpt from that book.I will let you all know when it is completed.


Keeping the top position is a contentious issue. To illustrate thedebate, let's consider the one of the classic BJJ techniques: astraight armbar from Mount. If you manage to pull it off and apply thearmbar then that's great, the match is over. If your opponentmanages to defend against the armbar, however, then you will typicallyend up on the bottom, in Guard. Going for that armbar means that youare accepting the risk of trading a superior position (Mount) for aneutral position (Guard).

Some instructors and coaches will encourageyou to go for that armbar, while others find the risk of losing topposition unacceptable. As with all attempts to balance risk and reward balancing acts,however, everyone has their own comfort zone. Some BJJ practitionersare perfectly happy to abandon top position to pursue a submission,whereas other, more conservative, practitioners prefer submissionsthat don't yield the top position if the submission attempt fails.

If you are competing in mixed martial arts (MMA) or are in a selfdefense situation then I would think long and hard before abandoningthe precious top position. Any time you end up on the bottom in acontext that includes striking there is always the chance that youropponent, with gravity on his side, could slip some heavy punches,elbows or headbutts through your defenses.

If, on the other hand,your emphasis is more oriented towards sport BJJ or submission grappling then you have a more latitude about ending up on thebottom. Being on the bottom in a sport BJJ context isn't so bad ifyou have a good Guard game. One of the decisions you'll have to make at some point in your BJJcareer is where YOU stand on the issue of keeping the top position. Even if you become a die-hard top position player, there are stillseveral reasons why you should still learn and occasionally practice submissions with an inherent risk of you ending up on the bottom.

First, it may help your athletic development, and make you feel morecomfortable in scrambles where positions aren't so clear cut and therole of the combatants (i.e. top vs. bottom) changes very rapidly.

Second, an opponent may reverse you and send you to the bottom againstyour will - feeling comfortable with these techniques may allow you tosnatch victory from the jaws of defeat en route to the bottom.

Finally it will allow you to better counter these techniques should an opponent try them on you; because the best way to learn to counter atechnique is to know how to apply it yourself.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Combat Base Inter Club BJJ Championships

Judging by the number of entrants it's going to be a great inter club.

Please note that the gi section will begin around 10am so please be there for 9:30am.

The no gi section will begin around 12:30pm so please arrive for 12:00.


Please also come prepared, make sure you have everything you are going to need, especially if it's your first time. It's oh so easy to forget something when the old nerves have kicked in.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Pete Hill, Total Combat Lightweight Champion

From Andy K

Heres how I remember it.....

Pete came out threw a couple of solid punches, his opponent clinched him up but Petes wrestling was way too strong and he secured a foot sweep takedown and took top position. Petes oppponent moved into half guard and eventually regained full guard. Pete then postured up and brought the fight back to standing. As soon as his opponent stood Pete threw a superman punch and connected, putting his opponent on the mat. Pete threw one more punch for good luck..... The ref was forced to stop the fight!!!!!

European Junior BJJ Championships

Inka and Stella Doyle MFF Fighters/Combat Base attended the European Junior BJJ Open Championships at Disneyland Paris as part of the European Festival of Martial Arts.

Check out the quick video here

Unfortunately due to the poor turn out for the girls divisions Stella ended up fighting in the boys under 40kg division (Her weight on the day 31kg).

In fight 1 Stella executed a perfect valley drop take down to mount, she then went straight for an armbar but her opponent defended well and managed to come to his knees where Stella set up a scissors sweep but switched to the stand up bringing him down into scarf hold. She then switched to side control and from there to mount ending the fight on top.

Fight 2 Stella took advantage when the boy tried a foot sweep and took him down ending in his guard. She then passed his guard into side control and then to mount where again she attacked with an armbar. This time she got stacked but rolled out into guard and scissor swept to mount where she continued to attack with figure fours and collar chokes until time ran out.

In the final she was up against a big Swedish opponent who tried to drag her into guard, Stella nearly passed but the lad was really strong and managed to pull her back in. Stella broke his guard twice but he had very long legs and in the end he resorted to hanging on Stella's collar and squeezing his legs together with all his might to get Stella to tap. It was a dissappointing and frustrating end to Stella's fantastic technique laden onslaught. Afterwards Stella said "I had to tap or puke", (She should of puked!)She can still be very proud to walk away with a silver especially fighting boys and giving up alot of weight.

Inka had some tough competition and in fight 1 she spent along time feeling out her opponent and getting the right grip but as soon as Inka had suckered her opponent in, Inka launched a flying triangle which completly took the girl by surprise. The girl survived and tried to stack but Inka rolled up on top and then out the other side to try and get the triangle in a bit tighter. She alternated between armbar and triangle attacks eventually ending up on the girls back for the rest of the match.

In the Final Inka's opponent tried a double leg right from the start but it was easy meat for Inka who stuffed the attempt and spun around and took the girls back getting her hooks in. Inka rode the girls back for the rest of the match alternating between hooks in and the anaconda until the whistle.

Inka is now the Girls 55kg European BJJ Champion 2008.

Report by proud father Tony Doyle.