Friday, 29 May 2015

No Gi class 28th May 2015

Just a reminder of the class as promised, see notes below to accompany video. Please note this is not meant to be instructional just a reminder of techniques covered.

Thursday no gi class 28th May 2015

Take down techniques worked from typical pummel position


Hip toss / koshi guruma – details
·         Good control of the head, drop centre of gravity
·         Pull the arm across your body
·         Push the hips through
·         Load them onto you before completing the throw

Finishing options – Americana with legs, diaphragm compression, arm triangle
·         When you catch the Americana with your legs, pull your hips down before lifting for the finish. To intensify, put on a little neck crank too.
·         To make effective pressure with the diaphragm compression, loosen the grip and ‘stir’ to tighten up before putting on the pressure.
·         Also need to ‘stir’ to get good pressure on the arm triangle. Pay attention to the trapped arm, this needs to be into the neck not face.

Hip toss / koshi guruma against leg drag position
·         Catch the nearest wrist
·         Elbow their hand off you ribs if required
·         Control the head, break the posture
·         As you pull your elbow under you it brings their arm around and loads them so you can complete the roll

Introduction of techniques

Single leg from clinch - details
·         change the angle against the under hook
·         change your head position and use your head to prevent partner following you
·         level change by dropping laterally
·         block the other leg to avoid them stepping around the single

Finish the single into BJ Penn pass position

Hook sweep against BJ Penn pass position – details
·         over hook
·         pull the hook in towards you before lifting for the sweep
·         use your free hand if you need to

Knee bar from hook sweep – details
·         use the scissoring of the legs to isolate partners bottom leg
·         move yourself to the knee bar position
·         head on top of the foot and control the heel
·         curl your heels up against your partners butt to emphasise the hip pressure

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Team Training Day July 2015 update

Date: 5th July 2015

Venue: Team Fulinkazan

Address: 114 Sunbridge Road, Bradford, BD1 2NE
IMPORTANT - watch out for the speed cameras in and around Bradford!!

Start time: 12:00 noon

Cost: Minimum £10 donation, all funds raised to go to local charity tbd

Invited: Combat Base members only, open to all grades and levels

Proposed Schedule

12:00 - A brief warm up session of Yoga For BJJ taken by the Yorkshire Gripper himself, Lloyd Cooper. Lloyd has been studying Yoga for a while now and has taught for me at HQ, this can really help your Jiu Jitsu. Lloyd has used this in his training to help him achieve excellent competition results starting as a purple belt and now at brown belt. Anyone who wants any longevity in Jiu Jitsu should supplement with Yoga.

12:20 - Wrestling For Gi taken by Kam Atakuru.A lot of you know Kam already but for the ones that don't Kam has worked extensively with the Combat Base group helping people prepare for gi and no gi competition plus MMA matches right from local shows to UFC level. Kam is head coach at ASW plus a BJJ brown belt, pro MMA fighter and excellent competitor.

12:50 - Drill, roll, relax

1:00 - Passing the open guard with James Nardone. Another excellent brown belt competitor will take you through his passing game, one that has allowed him to win numerous matches and medal at tournaments at brown belt level. James is a great coach and will break down in detail his hard earned knowledge to pass on to you.

1:30 - Drill, roll, relax

2:00 - Leg locks with Adam Simpson, yet another excellent brown belt competitor, Judo black belt and NAGA no gi elite champion. Adam will share the set ups, strategies and details for finishing your leg locks in the most painful but efficient way.

2:30 - Drill, roll, relax

3:00 - Taking a break from the physical aspects of training, performance specialist Rich Cadden will give a talk on mental preparation. As well as being a Jiu Jitsu competitor and twice Muay Thai World Champion, Rich is in demand for his work through Star Performance Mind Coaching. He has helped people with performance anxiety, confidence, self esteem, goal setting, fears and phobias, fitness programmes & even diet plans. Rich also worked with the British Olympic Squad prior to the last games.

3:30 – Drill, roll, relax, pictures etc