Saturday, 24 May 2008

UMA UK II Open (No Gi) Groundfighting Championship

A quick review by Andy K from Fulinkazan Forum (my comments are in italics) of the teams day on Sunday! Sorry if I get any of this wrong guys but I was pretty busy shouting and acting like a fool for most of the day!!!

After the journey and weighins Rob was our first competitor in the under 70kg category. Rob dominated his first opponent and won by triangle. In his second match rob took a convincing win via points and nearly locked in his infamous ‘elbow crush of death’ This now put Rob in the semi final, where he once again disrespected some legs and came out with the win. In the final match Rob got trapped in a guillotine choke and finished with the Silver Medal in what was a highly skilled division!!! Well Done Roberto! Oosssssssss!!!!!!! (Rob has gone from strength to strength recently, adding some more elements to his already solid game, definately a force to be reckoned with)

Suzy was next up in the womens division and fought well in her match despite been kneed in the face! Hope she is ok and back competing soon. (Suzy was hit with a knee in the face that completely threw her off her game, on top of that her opponent blatantly cheated then was heard boasting that she did it on a purpose, classy!)

I fought next in the under 75kg division won my first match on points but in my second match tapped to a head and arm choke! (Andy also did excellent in only his 2nd grappling tourney, he dominated his opponent in the first match and made a mistake in his 2nd match and got caught. It happens)

Mark was next up and this was his tournament debut, the nerves didnt show and he won his first match in style by shoulder lock! In his second match Mark’s opponent was a no show! Mark advanced to the semis where he had a back and forth match with a great fighter from Blackledge MMA team. Mark lost the match but put in a class A performance against the eventual winner of the category! Well done Mark fantastic performance! (Mark's first tournament and a real personal success, geting a few wins in your first tourney after 8 months of training is pretty awesome)

Joe was the next team member to take to the mats in the sub 95kg category. Joe’s first opponent was a guy from SBG! Joe locked in the rubber guard and attempted an omoplata and various sweeps! Joe took the decision! Joe’s next opponent didn’t show (probably scared of Joe’s freakish size!!!) so he was now in the final! Joe had a great match and unfortunately lost on points! Well done to Joe as he took silver in what was again a highly skilled category! (Joe is a monster to say he is only 16 years old and hasn't been training that long, his results on the day were awesome)

This led us to the open weight, where Mark fought some awesome matches and showed what a competitor he is! He won two matches and lost two! Mark fought some real colossal guys and looked great on the mats! Nice work mate!!!

In the team event we were a little outsized to say the least! We fought well and ended up with a bronze! During the team event Joe beat the winner of the open weight division a massive achievement! Nice work Joe!!!

The team looking happy with 3rd place

Good day for the team and BIG thanks to Darren and Helen who are fantastic coaches!

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