Thursday, 5 June 2008

North of England Grappling Championships 2008 (No Gi)May 31, 2008

Taken directly form Danny's blog

Last Sunday, me and James Parker went up to Sunderland to compete in the North of England Grappling Championships. I went last year and it was a good comp, so was looking forward to this years.

The tournament had over 100 competitors and was very well organised. The standard was much higher this year.

I was in the welterweight division and there were 32 competitors in my catagory. In my first match I was up against a lad from Gracie Barra. I pulled guard and went to work from rubber guard, I caught him with a triangle early on but he managed to escape. I also caught him with an arm bar from underneath but again he was very strong and managed to hold on. In the end I swept him with an oma plata and won the match on points.

My second match was against BJJ black belt Marcos Nardini. I pulled guard immediately before he did (haha) and started to work from there. He passed to half guard then he stood up and I started to use a 'de la riva guard' which is a type of open guard. I controlled him from there for a while but he managed to eventually pass my guard and caught me with a tight arm lock from a knee ride. I enjoyed the fight (even though I lost!) as its the first time ive competed against someone of such a high standard.

Parker was in the heavyweight division and in his first fight he went for submission after submission. He threw everything at his opponent, triangles, arm bars, oma platas. At one point his opponent passed the guard and got to the mount, giving him seven points ahead, Parker managed to finish the fight in the mount, but lost 7-4. It was a good fight though and his opponent ended up getting the bronze.

Parker also fought Paul Whyman from Lagarto Redcar BJJ and started with a good single leg landing passed the guard. Again Parker didnt stall and was looking constantly for the submission. After some good submission attempts, Parker swept Paul and took the mount, gaining 4 points for the position and 30 seconds later time ran out and Parker won on points.

Well done on some good fights.

Can wait till next years comp, hopefully we will have some more lads to take up with us next time.

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