Wednesday, 8 October 2008

European Junior BJJ Championships

Inka and Stella Doyle MFF Fighters/Combat Base attended the European Junior BJJ Open Championships at Disneyland Paris as part of the European Festival of Martial Arts.

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Unfortunately due to the poor turn out for the girls divisions Stella ended up fighting in the boys under 40kg division (Her weight on the day 31kg).

In fight 1 Stella executed a perfect valley drop take down to mount, she then went straight for an armbar but her opponent defended well and managed to come to his knees where Stella set up a scissors sweep but switched to the stand up bringing him down into scarf hold. She then switched to side control and from there to mount ending the fight on top.

Fight 2 Stella took advantage when the boy tried a foot sweep and took him down ending in his guard. She then passed his guard into side control and then to mount where again she attacked with an armbar. This time she got stacked but rolled out into guard and scissor swept to mount where she continued to attack with figure fours and collar chokes until time ran out.

In the final she was up against a big Swedish opponent who tried to drag her into guard, Stella nearly passed but the lad was really strong and managed to pull her back in. Stella broke his guard twice but he had very long legs and in the end he resorted to hanging on Stella's collar and squeezing his legs together with all his might to get Stella to tap. It was a dissappointing and frustrating end to Stella's fantastic technique laden onslaught. Afterwards Stella said "I had to tap or puke", (She should of puked!)She can still be very proud to walk away with a silver especially fighting boys and giving up alot of weight.

Inka had some tough competition and in fight 1 she spent along time feeling out her opponent and getting the right grip but as soon as Inka had suckered her opponent in, Inka launched a flying triangle which completly took the girl by surprise. The girl survived and tried to stack but Inka rolled up on top and then out the other side to try and get the triangle in a bit tighter. She alternated between armbar and triangle attacks eventually ending up on the girls back for the rest of the match.

In the Final Inka's opponent tried a double leg right from the start but it was easy meat for Inka who stuffed the attempt and spun around and took the girls back getting her hooks in. Inka rode the girls back for the rest of the match alternating between hooks in and the anaconda until the whistle.

Inka is now the Girls 55kg European BJJ Champion 2008.

Report by proud father Tony Doyle.

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