Saturday, 3 October 2009

ADCC Barcelona Part 2

My predictions didn't turn out to be that great after all. Helen beat me as usual by predicting Mendes, Braulio, Xande, Jacare and Staack. Barral was invited after all so got to see 2 mundial champions against each other, the old & the new as Barral took on Saulo.

Having eventually settled for Cobrinha on the day, he got 2nd. Marcelo got 2nd, Braulio took 1st, Xande took 1st and Cyborg took 2nd too.

Drysdale got 2nd and Penny Thomas got 2nd too.

I seem to be able to pick 2nd places though.

Main thing is it was an awesome tourney, got some photos to post up when I get them sorted.

Roll on ADCC2011.

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