Sunday, 25 October 2009

Blast From The Past 2 – Team Colosseum @ Kickers Interclub

1st September 2002 was the first time I met the likes of Widge and Aaron as they came to compete along with Richie Westwell at our interclub in Bradford. I had heard good things about the Colosseum guys that thankfully turned out to be true.

This particular day was (I think) the initial appearance of Matt Thorpe (who recently started teaching an MMA class at Factory BJJ a member of Combat Base UK, check out the Factory website) who you know went on to much, much bigger and better things.

The interesting thing though is that Jennie Taylor, Matt's then girlfriend but now wife (I think) also competed that day.

Wonder if that has happened in UK MMA before that husband/wife or bf/gf have competed at the same event on the same day!!

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