Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Darren Currie interview part 4

Where do you get your inspiration/motivation to train?

Inspiration comes in many forms; it could be watching my wife beating way bigger guys showing exactly what Jiu Jitsu should be like.

It could be watching my coach and the way he lives and breathes Jiu Jitsu, so excited about training all the time.

Seeing my friend Leo still winning titles at 46 years of age.

Knowing that I am helping people to improve the athletic ability, confidence and lives in general of my students, knowing they will benefit the way I did.

Watching my students applying things that I have taught them, helping them win matches and win titles. That inspires me to train harder to try to stay ahead of these guys so I can continue to help.

Just came back from Barcelona watching the ADCC World Submission Fighting Championships, seeing the absolute best in the world and knowing that my journey has barely started, there will always be something new to learn, it really is a life long journey.

My motivation to train is my desire to improve my own performance, to improve my ability to coach and getting a good work out. I can't stand running, don't like lifting weights that much and don't want to join a fitness gym, so Jiu Jitsu is my work out too.

The extra pressure now of being a black belt gives me the motivation to train as no one wants to be a 'weak' belt, like I said earlier there is a certain level of expectancy with the belt so I have to hit at least that minimum criteria.


What next for you, any ambitions left?

I am not really an ambitious person, I don't tend to look too far ahead, I don't want to miss what is happening now for something that might not even happen in the future.

I'd like to bring through some more coaches so I have someone to leave my legacy to, keep expanding the Combat Base group with the right people.

Keep helping my students improve and watch them grow.

If I stay healthy I'll probably do a major competition as a black belt, maybe in USA, which would be cool. Keep travelling and training, great way to meet new people and pick up new ideas.

I guess I just want to keep doing what I am doing, only better.





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