Wednesday, 24 November 2010

How Do People Live With Themselves?

This past week as seen numerous people pull out from MMA fights and it was again highlighted that some people are still lying about what belt they are in BJJ.

The guys that call themselves fighters yet don't show up to fight!!

You can lie to promoters and fool people on Facebook but you can't lie to or fool yourself, you know inside that you have chickened out, how do you live with that?

And fake belts…..come on. The BJJ community is small enough to know that a UK guy doesn't suddenly get a black belt without everyone knowing about it especially when it is supposed to be from someone that I know well enough to actually ask. The web site says black belt coach; the reality is blue belt coach.

Just be proud to be the belt you are, don't start making crap up to try to get more business.

Fake BJJ black belts will always be outed.

So I ask again, how do some people live with themselves knowing they are liars!!