Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Patience Really Is A Virtue

To reinforce some of the stuff we have been doing in class especially the tournament stuff, here is one of my matches from a while ago. The main things from this match are to have patience and not to rush through things, improve position then consolidate before moving to the next thing.

00:00 - Can't see it very well as we missed first part of match but as I pull guard I immediately go to sweep, didn't get it as he based out and came back on top but I had my hook in place by now.

00:18 - got the sweep, don't try to do anything else yet just get control and points. If you try to rush you can end up losing position.

00:21 – now start to pass. Got good head control and am threatening with a choke that you can't see but mainly as a distraction so I can go to mount.

00:42 – got mount and time to stabilise position again.

00:45 – notice how I cross my feet so I have closed mount, excellent control against a bucking bronco upa escape.

Then total patience, don't feel as though you have to rush anything.

01:02 – shot of Helen coaching me, this was the competition where they asked her to move away from the side of the mat because they didn't believe she was a coach.

01:11 – get a high mount and start isolating the arm. Notice how ineffective the upa is against a tight high mount.

01:28 – attack the neck to make him bring his arms inside then set up triangle from top.

01:34 – this the bit that Haueter was telling me off about when I showed him, don't give up position for an inferior position. I didn't get it at first as all I could see was I was going to submit the guy. I appreciate now not giving up mount just in case.

01:38 – seeing as I had rolled off, now I have to finish the triangle. Notice how the left hand controls his gi pants at the knee so I can start to make the angle.

01:41 – I keep hold of his gi pants and lift his leg so he can't step over and finalise my position.

Can't emphasise enough how you have to be patient in tournament Jiu Jitsu.

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