Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Overhead Sweep

Please note that the first clip is the way to initially start training this technique, don’t push away your partners hands until you feel comfortable that you wont drop them on their head or your head.

Don’t push their hands away until they are able to do a breakfall roll as to minimize the risk of injury.

*Make sure you have double sleeve control to start with.
*Put one foot into the hip and sit back on an angle, not straight back.
*Drive the heel of the foot into your partner’s hip as you pull with both hands to create pressure. The success of this technique at this stage relies upon the push/pull.
*NB do NOT fully stretch out the leg, you should never lock the leg right out.
*When you are ready, bend the leg in your partners hip so they start to come forward then bring your other foot into play.
*Break their balance forward and take their weight onto both feet.
*As you start to roll backwards, push both of their hands away from you so they cannot post.
*In this technique you stay attached and follow them over, other options are available.

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