Sunday, 6 May 2012

White Belt Only Interclub

To be held on 27th May 2012

At Allegiance MMA gym in Batley

Weigh in and drugs testing from 11:00am, ready to start shortly after. Weigh in will be with gi.

Competitors will be assumed to have adequate insurance and will need to sign a waiver on the day to say they are voluntarily taking part in a combat sport where there is a risk of injury. Don't worry this is just SOP.

Please display the best sportsmanship and respect your opponent, the officials and yourself.

You must wear a gi and belt, gum shield is ok but no groin guard, no bulky knee pads and no footwear. Competitors may wear a rash guard/t-shirt under their gi as long as it is plain and contains no hard materials that could cause damage to themselves or their opponents.

No footwear to be worn on the mat at any time but footwear must be worn off the mats especially for toilet breaks and the like.

We will be following IBJJF rules (download here) although common sense will prevail. For example, if you are attempting a technique that is not allowed , a knee reap maybe, then you will not be instantly DQ’ed but will be stopped and explained what you are doing wrong.

We will be using IBJJF weight categories but again common sense will prevail. For example if you are 71kg you may end up fighting in the under 70kg if the numbers allow it. Say, there are only 2 entries in the under 70kg but 9 in the under 76kg then if someone weighed in at 71kg they may be dropped a weight group. 1kg over won’t make much difference but being 5kg under could. I hope this makes sense and you are in agreement.

Depending on numbers this may run as a tournament or may just be single matches, either way we will give you as many matches as practicable as experience is key.

Don’t solely focus on the results, focus on the process too. I completely understand that everyone wants to win but in a tournament only 1 person can win therefore I don’t want the other guys going away feeling as though they lost because if you compete you don’t ever really lose. You may not get the "W" but you get something more precious than that.

Winning a tournament is basically saying you were the best that day, the following day the results could be way different. If you lose don’t get too down and if you win don’t rip off your gi top, waving an imaginary sword about and run around going crazy.

Please be professional and respectful to everyone, if you feel you have a genuine complaint then please ask your coach to speak to us.

I would like as many people as possible to support this as it is a great evaluation tool for us, helps us keep the standard high and make sure that everyone is on the same page.

This is a great opportunity to compete in a friendly yet competitive environment that will be the fairest competition you ever do, doesn’t matter what club you are from, you will all be treated equally. Don’t expect that when you start to do open competitions though.

Saying this we have kept the entry cost down to £5 just to cover expenses.

Give 100%, learn from the experience and enjoy. If you would like to enter, speak to your coach and either you or your coach email me at with your:
Weight with gi.
Length of time training.
Any competitive experience you may have.
Any specific medical conditions we should know about.

Pre-register with me and pay on the day.

Hope to see you all there.

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