Monday, 9 July 2012

Bench Press Vs Max Contraction For Jiu Jitsu

In this example we are looking at escaping side control. One 'method' is pushing away the opponent (bench pressing) and the other is making and holding a frame (max contraction) so you can move away from it.

Bench pressing is basically using strength to move the weight away from you whereas max contraction is being able to hold the weight at full extension for a certain amount of time.

It is essentially easier to lock out and hold weight than it is to move it. You want proof? If you are benching 75kg for example as your maximum then have someone hand you 100kg whilst you are laid on the bench with arms locked at full extension, you can hold it off you. This is true, I have seen it. This is a 33% increase immediately.

You can't move it but you can hold it.

So how does max contraction work? It works on the fact that your body is always in auto-protection mode, it only does enough to get you through. When you go to lift something your body quickly does a risk assessment to see how many muscle fibres it needs to activate and doesn't use any more than it needs to. By nature your body is lazy.

However, when you are handed something to hold that is heavier than you can lift the body employs more muscle fibres to carry out the task.

The strength of the muscle is in the contraction, when you lift a weight you don't get the same contraction as a lot of the lift is movement only giving you the contraction at the temporary finished position.

This is a real basic explanation but there is plenty of info out there if you want to research more. I know from experience working with personal trainer Gaz Vause that you can double your static strength in a matter of weeks using max contraction.

That is all well and good but we do Jiu Jitsu not weight lifting.

So, back to our side control escape, trying to push/power/bench the guy away will be too hard but using a frame/max contraction then escaping your hips will be a much better option.

Strength & power < strength & movement

Add to this making the frame before the opponent gets their weight down makes for a much easier life.

Hope this makes sense.


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