Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Death Touch Paralysis Arm Bars

I have been studying new ways to apply the basic arm bar and delved into the world of meridian lines and pressure points.

After years of detailed research, mainly hidden away in a cave, I found that at the junction of meridians I8U and 4Q2 there lies a spot that causes immediate paralysis and causes the arms to stiffen.

Once I have activated this I set up the regular arm bar.

I tricked Ryan "Jiu Jitsu Turtle" Hunter into sparring with me, he wishes he hadn't now. I hope he gets well soon.

I then got to thinking that if it works on arms maybe I could go double tap and incorporate the legs too. The results are amazing.

Here's the proof.

You just saw the results, results don't lie. We will be adding this into our syllabus right away so get practicing. We will be adding a 5th stripe to belts for anyone who masters this.

I thought about challenging people to a match or compete or something but I believe this is too deadly, what's point having a gold medal when you're looking at a 20 stretch?

Practice wisely young grasshoppers.

Darren "Death Touch" Currie

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