Friday, 31 March 2017


Date: 9th April 2017

Venue: Team Fulinkazan

Address: 114 Sunbridge Road, Bradford, BD1 2NE

*Watch out for the speed cameras in and around Bradford!!

Start time: 12:00 noon

Finish time: 4:00pm

Cost: Minimum £10 donation, all funds raised to go to local charity tbd

Combat Base members and extended family only, open to all grades and levels

Proposed Workshops

Yoga For BJJ - Lloyd Cooper

Half Guard - Nam Hoang

Side Control - Josh Dilcock

I have purposely only gone for 3 workshops this time so there is more time to drill and roll. It is not often that there are so many black belts and brown belts at any one time so a perfect opportunity for anyone that doesn't regularly roll with higher grades to get schooled.

Lots in store on the day, going to be EPIC!


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