Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Blast From The Past #5 - Spenna Vs The Ninja

It happened at one of our first open grappling tournaments in April 2001, it was a no gi tourney so most people turned up in T shirts and shorts as you would imagine, some wore gis but one guy.......

Maybe it's my memory playing up but I think I remember a puff of smoke then this guy walks up to register at the desk. He had got ready to compete and was kitted head to toe in black including black pumps, black fingerless leather gloves (no, it wasn't Chen) and a black head guard.

Everyone got weighed in then came the decision; who would be mighty enough to take on a ninja? Enter the Spenna.

In a classic match that could have been featured on Deadliest Warrior, Spen Fu v Ninja took place with the skilful Spen Fu master emerging victorious after a tough battle, I remember the Ninja being very strong.

The Ninja guy went on to take 3rd place before disappearing without a trace.



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