Wednesday, 10 February 2010

You Shouldn’t Judge a BJJ Book by It’s Cover

Way back when most people were still at white belt stage, we attended a seminar with a BJJ guy who was very popular at the time. When it came to the rolling section of said seminar, popular BJJ guy just stuck to rolling with a handful of his students and left the rest of us to fend for ourselves.

A big meat head white belt out to impress popular BJJ guy asked one of my students to spar. My student Pete, who was an older athlete but had a phenomenal guard for a white belt, pulled guard and right off the bat arm barred the guy.

Meat had to find someone else to redeem himself against and spotted Helen, way smaller but was a blue belt so would make a good scalp. He started really hard, was aggressive then fell straight into a triangle and decided he had enough of Helen.

Meat then decided that a younger prospect might be a better idea so asked my 14 year old white belt student to roll. Meat tried to steamroller him but my student arm barred him hard and fast. Enough was enough so Meat sat out for a while.

At the end of the seminar we all gathered around whilst popular BJJ guy gave out some belts and sure enough Meat got his blue.


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