Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Absolute White Belt Challenge

As part of the Team Training Day on 2nd June, we are looking to have an 8 man white belt gi tournament.

A single member representing one of 8 clubs will have their names put into a hat and drawn out there and then to see who they will face.

Full IBJJF rules without the hefty entrance fee and nepotism.

Running order:

Start at 12:00 noon Workshop #1 - Helen Currie covering movement drills

4 first round matches

Starting about 1pm Workshop #2 - Lloyd Cooper covering leg drags

2 repecharge matches for guys eliminated in first round

2 semi final matches from tourney

Starting about 2pm Workshop #3 - Roberto Barbiero covering defeating 1/2 guard

Repecharge final
3rd place play off from tourney

Starting about 3pm Workshop #4 - James Nardone covering back control and finishes

Tournament final

Are you up to the challenge?

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