Friday, 29 May 2015

No Gi class 28th May 2015

Just a reminder of the class as promised, see notes below to accompany video. Please note this is not meant to be instructional just a reminder of techniques covered.

Thursday no gi class 28th May 2015

Take down techniques worked from typical pummel position


Hip toss / koshi guruma – details
·         Good control of the head, drop centre of gravity
·         Pull the arm across your body
·         Push the hips through
·         Load them onto you before completing the throw

Finishing options – Americana with legs, diaphragm compression, arm triangle
·         When you catch the Americana with your legs, pull your hips down before lifting for the finish. To intensify, put on a little neck crank too.
·         To make effective pressure with the diaphragm compression, loosen the grip and ‘stir’ to tighten up before putting on the pressure.
·         Also need to ‘stir’ to get good pressure on the arm triangle. Pay attention to the trapped arm, this needs to be into the neck not face.

Hip toss / koshi guruma against leg drag position
·         Catch the nearest wrist
·         Elbow their hand off you ribs if required
·         Control the head, break the posture
·         As you pull your elbow under you it brings their arm around and loads them so you can complete the roll

Introduction of techniques

Single leg from clinch - details
·         change the angle against the under hook
·         change your head position and use your head to prevent partner following you
·         level change by dropping laterally
·         block the other leg to avoid them stepping around the single

Finish the single into BJ Penn pass position

Hook sweep against BJ Penn pass position – details
·         over hook
·         pull the hook in towards you before lifting for the sweep
·         use your free hand if you need to

Knee bar from hook sweep – details
·         use the scissoring of the legs to isolate partners bottom leg
·         move yourself to the knee bar position
·         head on top of the foot and control the heel
·         curl your heels up against your partners butt to emphasise the hip pressure

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